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Getting Big Results in Sewer Wastewater Treatment from Small-Scaled SAF Frost Generators

In the sewage industry, wastewater treatment is a big job. It’s not something often discussed in everyday conversations within our local communities. But, with more attention being focused on sustainability and the future of our environment, things are changing. Today, … Continue reading

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The Use of Aphrons: How and Why They Work So Well

The use of Aphrons—and Aphron drilling fluids—is now commonplace and highly regarded for its advantages. But many people might not be aware of the interesting history behind Aphron use, as well as the present-day advancements that have been made. Dr. … Continue reading

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Why a Remarkably Rapid Rise Rate Makes all the Difference in Solids Separation

When it comes to the use of dissolved air flotation, a rapid rise rate of flocculated solids makes all the difference. This is true for a number of industries relying on the technology, and the difference Suspended Air® Flotation makes … Continue reading

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Heron Innovators Take on Tomatoes

Recently, Pacific Coast Producers came to Heron Innovators to solve their tomato issues. The cannery procures, and then processes tomatoes into an assortment of products at their Woodland, CA plant. Tomatoes give off a strong, ‘tomato-y’ smell during the process, … Continue reading

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Announcing a New Partnership in Excellence

What many of Heron Innovators’ customers may already know is that we are leaders in solid liquid separation, and have been for over a decade.  What they may not know is that our offerings in the industrial wastewater and municipal … Continue reading

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