The Use of Aphrons: How and Why They Work So Well

The use of Aphrons—and Aphron drilling fluids—is now commonplace and highly regarded for its advantages. But many people might not be aware of the interesting history behind Aphron use, as well as the present-day advancements that have been made.

Dr. Felix Sebba, originally invented Aphrons in South Africa, later moved to the US to further his research. Dr. Sebba generated Aphrons using a spinning disk and a relatively high concentration of surfactant. Originally used to transfer oxygen to bacterial cultures, the process proved difficult to scale.

At Heron Innovators, our Suspended Air® process utilizes 100 – 1000 times less surfactant to generate the Aphrons. The Suspended Air® process significantly reduces the cost of operation compared to other techniques incorporated to generate Aphrons.  In addition, the ability to harvest only the smallest of bubbles to the process provides a very effective and efficient oxygen transfer process when compared to current techniques employed in transferring oxygen.

Following the lead of the groundbreaking Dr. Sebba, we’ve further advanced his unique process.

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