Heron Innovators Take on Tomatoes

TomatoRecently, Pacific Coast Producers came to Heron Innovators to solve their tomato issues. The cannery procures, and then processes tomatoes into an assortment of products at their Woodland, CA plant. Tomatoes give off a strong, ‘tomato-y’ smell during the process, and the application site for the plant’s process wastewater has been a source for concern in the local community. As more people move into the area, the cannery has had to contend with odor problems and complaints from local residents.

That’s where the Suspended Air Flotation (SAF™) wastewater treatment system by Heron Innovators came in. During the summer of 2012, Heron Innovators placed a SAF™ pilot trailer at the plant. That’s a 40 ft. long gooseneck trailer containing all the technology for an on-site SAF™ system to do a trial run.

The trial period at Pacific Coast Producers was two months. And even though less than one quarter of the plant’s process wastewater was treated by the SAF™ system, the odor improvements were obvious immediately, and fewer complaints came into the cannery.

Based on the success of the results from the pilot run, Pacific Coast Producers purchased a complete Heron Innovators Suspended Air® Flotation wastewater treatment system to remove suspended solids and BOD from their wastewater – with startup beginning June 27.

The system treats all of the plant’s process wastewater, up to 2,000 gpm, and includes a Heron Innovators Model CF1000 ClearFloater™ flotation tank, one of the largest in Heron’s line.  The stainless steel unit has a flotation area of 144 square feet, and is mounted on a 12-ft. high frame.  Up to 26 gpm of Suspended Air® Emulsion is provided by a Model F100 SAF™ Generator to provide the air for flotation.  Operators need only make a daily inspection to check on the automatic system.

Now everyone – local community members, as well as Pacific Coast Producers – is happy. We at Heron Innovators are, too.

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