Announcing a New Partnership in Excellence

What many of Heron Innovators’ customers may already know is that we are leaders in solid liquid separation, and have been for over a decade.  What they may not know is that our offerings in the industrial wastewater and municipal water sectors, with our innovative SAF™ technology, is truly changing the way these offerings serve clients’ needs.   What they also might not know is that what we offer is green technology—using less fossil fuel to perform the essential solid liquid separation that companies require.

There are significant advantages to our SAF™ technology when compared to competing flotation styles of physical/chemical separation, including:

  • The lowest connected HP.
  • 30-80% reduction in footprint compared with DAF. This translates to lower capital costs and less obtrusive when installed.
  • Almost always generates more dewatered solids, which leads to less skimmings’.
  • Better removal efficiencies.
  • We retrofit any brand DAF and will achieve at least 2-3X design capacity, almost always with increased removal efficiency , and lower connected HP.

As a result of this great technology, we are excited to be represented by MISCOwater, the largest and most prestigious representatives of solutions for municipal water, wastewater, and energy markets in the country.  As stated by MISCOwater, they “represent the leaders in [the] industry”, and we’re proud to be one of them. Until recently Heron has sold primarily into the industrial marketplace, the MISCOwater partnership provides awareness of Heron’s SAF™ technology to key stakeholders in the municipal market.  MISCOwater’s line card of premier municipal products now includes Heron’s SAF™, a truly unique offering for Physical/Chemical Solids Separation.

We’re grateful to the many clients who have recognized our quality and leadership from the beginning.

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